Solydaria takes NFT.NYC

3 min readOct 28, 2021


We’re getting excited about the upcoming NFT.NYC event- going live with Game #1 — Cooperative Crypto Cashback!

Solydaria, Inc, is on a mission to harness the power of collective action for the benefit of consumers, creators, and society at large. The company has built a system that facilitates direct exchanges of value between buyers and sellers, people and one another, and groups with other groups, referred to as dCom, or decentralized commerce. Using blockchain and NFTs as the building blocks of the system, Solydaria has built technology to enable creators to reach and engage with audiences and for consumers to generate meaningful savings, support creators, and to cooperate with friends to support causes and win mutual benefits.

The system is built on Ethereum and the SKALE network., SKALE offers us the scalability, fast finality and low cost needed to bring the first Solydaria product to market. We’re excited to show you Solydaria running live on SKALE’s mainnet.

Solydaria co-founder, Rafael Goldberg, explains, “We like to think of Solydaria as a collection of games based on commerce, where through fun and entertaining interactions we can solve problems for both creators and consumers. All the while generating a fair and fun way to cooperatively generate tangible payoffs. By connecting value creators together, we bypass extractive platforms, and distribute the gains to the value creators themselves. In this way we build community wealth and real connections between people, and in the end it is these connections that really matter.”

Solydaria will be at the NFT.NYC conference, taking place November 1st through November 4th in New York City, launching Solydaria’s first game which facilitates Cooperative Crypto Cash Back.

Solydaria co-founder, Andrew Yakovlev, says, “We’re rolling to the show with four awesome brand partners Unarmed, High End, SlowUp, and Craighill, building a pop up shop where we’ll play the first game live, every day of the event. It’s a cooperative buying game driven by the merchant, where the more people that buy something, the lower the pricing goes for everyone, and when the game ends, we push the button and everyone who purchased something gets a crypto cashback payment sent instantly to their wallet, based on the discount that was achieved by the buying collective.”

Solydaria invites everyone at the NFT.NYC event to come by the pop up shop in the Ballroom South at the Edison Hotel and experience a new way of buying and selling, a future where people and creators play together and enjoy the benefits from authentic and productive exchange.

Yakovlev adds, “We’re excited about the event. We’ve been operating in stealth mode and this will be the first time we get to see how a large group of people respond to the system in an in person real time environment. We’re also pumped to have SKALE sponsoring a kicker with 2X crypto cashback in SKALE coins. They’ve been an essential development partner to us and their support as we’ve built up the architecture has been really important to realizing this vision.”

Twitter @solydaria for live updates during the event for more info and to get in touch